‘Stakeholder Communications’ and engagement services

Prior Communications is keenly aware of the importance of engaging with distinct cohorts and is familiar with
the process of creating messaging matrices to define specific messages to differing groups that are all relevant to receiving information about a given project, department, initiative etc. Prior Communications has engaged in stakeholder communications for a number of government clients. The agency would regularly strategise the messaging and methods to reach the media, a government department or agency, a community grouping, funders, staff and other relevant cohorts. Prior Communications has the experience and expertise to use a mix of communications tactics such as printed collateral (circulars, information leaflets), direct mail, workshops, dialogue conferences, launches, social media campaigns and press launches to deliver the best in class stakeholder engagement services.

Public Affairs/Political Engagement/Lobbying services

Prior Communications has worked with a broad range of clients across the public and private sector. The agency has garnered extensive experience in the ways and means of political engagement.

At Prior Communications, we have a deep understanding of lobbying procedures and requirements, and the systems in place around the lobbying register and designated public officials.

Senior members of the team at Prior Communications have demonstrable expertise and experience in providing advice and counsel to CEOs (in private and government organisations) and senior government officials in matters with a public affairs profile. Prior Communications treats these consultations with the utmost of discretion and confidentiality.

Digital PR services

Prior Communications, which is part of the Marketing Network Group, works alongside Bubble Digital, also part
of Marketing Network, on a number of government, corporate and consumer clients. As digital media is an integral part of any communications service we encourage our clients to evaluate their digital media needs and to engage in a tailored communications campaign using all of the tools available to create successful communications. This can include (but is not limited to) SEO, SEM, social media marketing, app development, digital PR and digital media training and support. Prior Communications approaches digital media based on clients’ business objectives and uses consumer and stakeholder insights to create a digital strategy and achieve results.

Internal communications services

Joined up thinking is vitally important in large organisations with diverse and distinct departments and while workplace culture has become something of a trendy phrase of recent years, the mores within an organisation have been proven in practice and in academic studies, to dictate success levels. Prior Communications is well-versed in understanding internal structures, political requirements, and the realities of day to day working life. The importance of deliverables and KPIs are also well understood. In providing strategic internal communications, Prior Communications has strong experience in spotting the missing links, and providing strategic recommendations to establish systems to aid the ow of information between people.

Corporate Social Responsibility services

Prior Communications has worked with a number of corporate, consumer, non-profit and government clients since its inception and regularly includes strategic advice on the most rewarding type of social responsibility in which a company can engage. In addition, Prior Communications would liaise with a CSR partner to develop strategy and roll out tactics for clients. Prior Communications bases its CSR selection on fundamental but incisive criteria, which is tailored to the client objectives.

Media Relations

The agency has strong and enduring relationships within the Irish media landscape. This ranges from traditional channels of print and broadcast to online and social media. The Prior Communications team can provide deep insights based on experience in addition to members of the team having worked directly as journalists in major national media organisations such as nationwide print (The Independent, The Examiner, The Sunday Business Post, The Irish Daily Mail) and broadcast outlets (RTE Radio and RTE Television). This unique set of skills comprised of experience, ‘insider’ knowledge and a keen interest in the Irish media landscape ensures that Prior Communications is well placed to understand and advise on the machinations and mindsets that operate within the media.

More Services

Effective crisis planning and communications services

As part of the strategic evaluation for any corporate or government client, Prior Communications considers the SWOT profile of the organisation and puts a crisis strategy in place based on key factors subject to client requirements.

Event Planning and Product Launches

Always looking to build on past successes, we bring innovation and attention to detail to any event